Rethinking Life


So many people now days are sad and unhappy.  Those are just two of the many emotions we, as humans, feel.  They are a natural part of life, like love, anger, rage, silliness, etc.  But today everyone expects, and is expected, TO BE happy, all the time.  This is, of course, impossible but it doesn’t stop us from trying.  We don’t even have a definition for what happiness IS, each of us defines it differently, if we define it at all. And let’s not forget that absolutely EVERYTHING IN OUR ENTIRE SOCIETY IS GEARED TO MAKING PEOPLE ABSOLUTELY MISERABLE.  The news, all media, actually…gives us constant information about disease, deaths, murders, horrific things that happen to people, things you should have, you know you want, all those ads to get you into debt…well, you know what I mean.  Books are written and SOLD on how to be happy, why you…

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