THE DEAD GAME -- DAY 152Linda and her friends were determined to flush out the demons from town. They didn’t want to wait for Todd and sheriff Sam to do anymore investigating that was taking much too long. It was time for action!

Chapter 26
The next morning at church, Linda didn’t see Louise sitting in the pews. She whispered to Shana, “Where is Louise? I never see her anymore. Everyone else is here—except of course for the vampires on the hill.”
“After her supposed hanging in the gazebo, something has definitely changed about her.” All of a sudden, she got that strange twinkle in her eye that Linda recognized as her way of over-thinking something. Shana quickly added, “Maybe Louise is really dead and therefore can’t come into the church anymore. She could be a vampire or even one of The Dead.”
“Hold your horses! Let’s stop guessing and just follow through with our…

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