Linda and her friends were invited to a party at End House. But no one was home to greet them. The house stood dark and deserted before them. It was time for them to knock on the door.

Chapter 8

End House appeared through the mist: a massive daunting shadow silhouetted against the black sky. The house stood tall and imposing before its invited guests.

That was how End House appeared to Linda. Her first glimpse of the foreboding house caused her body to shiver. The house resembled all the scary houses in her imagination…and in every gothic novel she’d ever read. But having to face it on this dreary and isolated hilltop…with the wind blowing…sharp branches slapping them across their shocked faces, made the encounter more real and much more horrifying.

Tom, Edward, Mike, and David were already walking up the gravel path, while Gregg, Judy, and Ryan were…

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