Wild Plants Turn into Food

Botanical Dlite

Now let me show you the crop of wild plants from my trip to Gurghiu Mountains, as I promised. There you go:

forest crop

What do we have here: DANDELIONS, WILD PEPPERMINT, and BROTHERWORT. I have more of all these, the picture is just with a couple of them.

The COOLEST thing about these plants is that they were gathered from non polluted areas, far away from any human activity. They’re FRESH, CLEAN and FREE.

And because recently I read on a Romanian Facebook page that someone just ate FRIED dandelions (in a mixture of eggs and flour) and didn’t die of it or even got sick, I decided to make a DANDELIONS OMLETTE. Yes, exactly as you hear it. Don’t worry, sometimes my folks think I’m crazy too. I’m kind of proud about it, especially when they are telling me that they cannot ever be bored with me in za house.

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