THE DEAD GAME -- DAY 120 For the past half hour, Todd had been pacing up and down the street in front of the bookstore. He couldn’t figure out where Linda had disappeared to. After checking Shana’s store, he realized that she was also missing. This made him suspect that the two of them were up to no good again.
Then from a distance, he spotted the two of them strolling down Main Street, from the direction of the road leading out of town. The only two buildings along that road were the bed and breakfast and the old dilapidated mansion. Who did they know in those places? And why were they out walking when darkness had already fallen?
As they neared the coffee shop, his felt his temper rising. “Where were you? I’ve been worried!” He grasped Linda by her shoulders, wanting to shake some sense into her.
“Stop worrying about me! I can take…

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