Drawn to Madness

Now I come to Bela Lugosi.  Actor of stage and screen…. COUNT DRACULA forever.  He was a distinguished Hungarian stage actor who played Shakespeare’s Romeo and even stepped into the role of Jesus Christ in Passion plays. His range was limitless until he came to America to work on our stages and then in the early motion pictures.  After playing the Count on stage he pleaded with Universal to allow him to do the Count in the film adaptation, but they had other ideas.  He  must have pleaded too hard for the studio realized they had the upper hand in negotiating with him and agreed IF Lugosi would take a ridiculously paltry amount to play the lead character.  Mined you, way less pay then any of the other leads. He had no choice but to agree and there began the very slow, sad decline of his career.  Although Universal had…

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