thirt¥¥n pract¥t¥oners


death is truly the great unknown and it both fascinates and frightens all of us.

in all countries there are funeral rites for the deceased, some strange and bizarre with unusual practices.

most common burials place the deceased in a coffin, from plain pine box to elaborate caskets covered and decorated with satin, velvet or some other flashy material.

now, why do I tell you this? because for those beginners to the Craft, let me inform you that there is a bit more of a use to those coffins and coffin nails.

the magick associated with coffin nails, olde and rusty, and the use of them hold more power than a new nail or pin, they are sometimes required in a conjure bag or spell.

the concept behind it all is, what ever caused the death of the person from which the nail has been taken will transfer itself by…

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