Faces Of Death 1978 Gorgon Video 30th Anniversary Blu Ray

Popcorn Delinquents

Faces of Death 1978

Director: Conan Le Ciliare (John Alan Schwarz)


Michael Carr- Dr Francis B Gross

Mary Ellen Brighton- Suicide victim (window Jumper)

John Alan Schwarz – Cult Leader

Released by Gorgon Video

This Mondo classic will be notorious with every horror fan that grew up during the 1980s one of the infamous 72 movies that were deemed too grotesque and violent for audiences worldwide.

Faces of Death was actually banned in over 40 countries and is a low budget shock fest that splices grim real footage of suicides, executions and military footage with over the top staged events.

To understand what Faces of Death was trying to capitalise on other titles should be looked at Mondo Cane in particular.

Mondo Cane (A Dog’s World) was an Italian “shockumentary” from 1962 which pre dates the Faces of Death series and spawned 100 of Mondo titles, filmed as a…

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